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Invitation from East China Normal University: The Opening Ceremony and Symposium of ‘The Road to Rise-The Exhibition of China’s Modern Diplomacy’
Date:2015-11-05 00:00  Author:XLPM  Source:XLPM

Invitation from East China Normal University: The Opening Ceremony and Symposium of ‘The Road to Rise-The Exhibition of China’s Modern Diplomacy’


East China Normal University sincerely invites you to join:

The Road to Rise-The Exhibition of China’s Modern Diplomacy


November 6-12, 2015

Exhibition Hall, 1/F, Base of Office of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, East China Normal University (No. 3663, North Sun Yat-sen Road, Putuo District)


Sponsors: Chinese and Western Culture Exchange Center at TCFL Teacher Training Base of East China Normal University & Institute of Ancient Chinese Book Studies of East China Normal University     

Co-sponsors: History Department of East China Normal University, Si-mian Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities

Special sponsor: Xiling Yinshe Auction Co., Ltd.


Opening ceremony

1:00 PM, November 6

Related programs will be postponed on account of the opening ceremony

Media reception  10:30 AM, November 6

Symposium (internal)  2:00 PM, November 9


A group of local distinguished scholars, including Wang Jiafan, Xiong Yuezhi, Liu Yongxiang, Zhou Zhenhe, Zou Zhenhuan, Wu Zhen, Chen Zishan and some experts in their prime time, such as Shen Jia, Li Lei, Zhu Ming, Li Wenjie, Luo Zhengming, Ye Gongping and Lei Qiang. etc, will present an important academic feast of communication between Chinese and Western cultures. During the session, scholars, with thorough knowledge of both western and traditional Chinese culture, will stage an in-depth interpretation and a thoughtful discussion about the exhibits from the perspectives of history, culture, religion and art. Afterwards, they will introduce and share the latest development and progress in their research area with you.


To join the symposium, please register beforehand through or make a phone call to +86 571 8789 6779


Priority will be given to applicants who have relevant academic background or original manuscripts collection. Deadline for registration is November 8 and be confirmed with notice. 


Please make your time. 

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