Xiling Yinshe 2022 Autumn Auction · Rescheduling
Time:2023/1/11   Author:XLPM   Source:XLPM  

Rescheduling for the Auction 

Dear our distinguished guests: 

After a careful preparation, the Xiling Yinshe 2022 Autumn Auction is scheduled to kick off on March 13-17, 2023. 

Welcome to our auction, welcome to Hangzhou right after the 2023 Spring Festival !

Viewing: 3.13 - 3.15 (Monday - Wednesday)

Auction: 3.15 - 3.17 (Wednesday - Friday)

Venue: Intercontinental Hangzhou (No. 2 West Jiefang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang) 

For more info: +86 571 8789 6778 / 8781 2580

For the latest auction schedule, please follow up our website www.xlysauc.com and Wechat account. 

Xiling Yinshe 2022 Autumn Auction

No change to either the address or the sales

The auctions on December 30 changed to March 15 (Wednesday) 

Room C

09:30 Fine Ancient Books and Ink Rubbings

14:30 Famous Chinese and Foreign Wine and Tonics

16:00 The Most Storied Dunhill∙Xiling Yinshe's First Sale of Tobacco Pipes

19:00 Important Manuscripts and Photographs

The auctions on December 31 changed to March 16 (Thursday) 

Room A 

09:30 Classical Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy and Manuscripts of Ming and Qing Dynasties

15:00 Chinese Fan Paintings

19:00 Following Lu Xun and China's New Woodcut Movement: Rong Ge Memorial Sale for His Woodcut Career 

19:10 Modern and Contemporary Oil Paintings and Sculpture

20:40 Comics, Illustrations & Cartoons by Chinese Masters

Room B

09:30 Be Light-Hearted·Refined Articles in the Study

13:00 Elegant and Magnificent∙Chinese Buddhist Art

15:00 Chinese Ceramics

19:00 A Scholarly Journey in Jiangnan∙Scholar's Ceramics

19:30 A Scholarly Journey in Jiangnan·Xiling Yinshe's First Sale of Accessories for Tea, Flower and Incense Arrangement

20:00 Autumn Chirpings·Imperial Cricket Accessories Collected by Gong Xinzhao, Gao Zhenxiao and Gao Shixiong

20:30 Chinese Zisha Wares, Tea Sets and Fine Tea 

Room C

09:30 Chinese Paper Money & Coins

14:00 Jade Carvings by Ancient and Contemporary Chinese Masters

19:00 Study Series∙Seal Cuttings by Modern and Contemporary Chinese Masters

21:00 Study Series∙Fine Inkstones and Inksticks

The auctions on January 1 are changed to March 17 (Friday)

Room A 

09:30 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy from Private Collections

13:00 Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy by Top Members of Xiling Yinshe

14:00 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy

16:00 Oriental Beauty: Magnificent Jewels

Room B

09:30 Everlasting Glory∙Refined Articles in the Study

13:00 Study Series∙Refined Articles in the Study

16:00 Western Antique Works of Art

Xiling Yinshe 2022 Autumn Auction

Xiang Shengmo  Landscape 

Ink on paper, mounted 

63.5 x 27cm

Note: Authenticated and inscribed by Wu Hufan.

Provenance: Previously collected by Qin Tongli. 

Standing Consighment 

Categories: Chinese paintings & calligraphy, important Chinese and international letters and manuscripts, ancient books & rubbings, Tianhuang stones, fine seals and inkstones, refined articles in the study, bronze wares (with provenance), classical Chinese furniture, Zisha wares, Chinese statues, Chinese coins & paper money, oil paintings & sculpture, photographs and film, illustrations & comic works, ancient jade art, contemporary jade carvings, Hetian seed jade, jewelry and Chinese and foreign famous wine.


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