STEP 1 See What’s for Sale
Browsing catalogues or going through online viewing on our website carefully for what is currently on sale.
STEP 2 Go to Viewing
You are welcome to examine the article yourself in viewing before the auction.
We shall undertake no guarantee for the authenticity and quality of the article. You or your agent agent shall examine the original piece every carefully before deciding to bid and be legally responsible for his bidding of a certain auction article.
STEP 3 Register to Bid
Bid in-person:You shall get a bidding paddle after filling in a registration form with your ID card/Passport and a pay a deposit before the auction.
Absentee bid:If you are not able to participate in the auction, you may place absentee bids in written form and trust us as your agent free of charge. We keep confidential your information and shall not be responsible in case that it is impossible for us to bid, or any mistake or negligence during bidding.
STEP 4 Bid for Auction
Attend the auction and learn about bidding increments and important notices.
The Auctioneer shall be entitled to increase/decrease bidding increments, refuse any bidding or sell the article in another auction on behalf of us if there are any disputes.
As long as you bid the article successfully, you become the Buyer and shall sign a confirmation letter on spot.
STEP 5 Make Payment
You shall pay 15% of the purchase price as commission.
The payment shall be completed in cash, Unionpay card or be remitted in RMB.
Within 7 days after the auction date, you shall complete the payment in one lump sum and collect the article.

Note:All the bidding matters shall be subject to our Conditions of Business. You shall read and adhere to Conditions of Business and be responsible for your act of participation in the auction.