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We are open to consignment all the year round and our specialists are glad to offer estimate service for your property:
STEP 1 Inform us about your property by:
1) Email the photographs and relevant information about your property to specific departments.

2)Send the photographs and relevant information about your property to us through postal service with your name and contact enclosed

[Address: No. 127, Qingyin Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Zip Code: 310003].
3)Bring your property in person to our headquarter in Hangzhou and offices in Shanghai and Beijing
Working hours: 9:00 am-5:30 pm Monday to Saturday
4)Attend our free appraisal service. We hold a series of free appraisal events over the country annually. For specific schedules, go to Press Release.
STEP 2 Make an appraisal about your property by our specialists
Based on photographs and relevant documents, our specialists will make a preliminary evaluation of the article and get in touch with you in a month if it is eligible for auction. By then you will be asked to bring your article in person to us for a further appraisal. To note, you shall offer us an objective and comprehensive description about the background and defects of the article. You shall also guarantee us and the Buyer as following: you have absolute ownership or legal management right of the article; auction of the article will not infringe on the legitimate interest of a third party (including copyright) and be not against any laws or regulations.
STEP 3 Sign a contract
If the article is eligible for auction, a base price will be determined after negotiation and a trust contract will be signed as token of formal acceptance of your trust.
STEP 4 Catalogue & Viewing
Your property will be listed in the catalogue and on display at viewing before the auction, during which we shall be fully entitled to decide the time, session, conditions of the auction and by which means the auction will be held as well as captions on catalogue and other media.
STEP 5 Post-Auction Details
After the auction, you will be informed of the result. If your property is sold, you shall pay 10% of the purchase price as commission, 1% of the purchase price as premium charge, 3% of the purchase price as personal income tax, 1,000 RMB/lot regarding catalogue cost and other expenses regulated in the contract. If the Buyer has paid off all due amount, we will pay you the sale proceeds in 35 days after the auction. If your property fails to be sold, you shall take it back within 2 months upon receipt of our notice at your expense.