Categories:Focusing on block-printed copies (dated to 1795), fine block-printed copies in late Qing Dynasties and Republic of China period, red/blue draft copies, typed copies, hand-copied versions proofread by masters, rubbings, Buddhism classics, etc.

In 2010, Rare and Fine Ancient Books Sale first came to public with its focus on exploring the value and rarity of classic Chinese books and and literature. With a total of 118 lots, the sale reached a volume of 21.53 million yuan and 87% sold by lot, among which 33 Volumes of Strategies of Warring States (1 album of 4 volumes) made the record high of proofread copies with remarks by Gu Guangqi with 8.008 million yuan.

On June 12, 2011, Seminar of Huangba Gujiao Baoke (Book inscribed by Huang Pilie, proofread by Gu Qianli and engraved by Bao Yanbo) & China Classical and Old Book Culture of 2011 Huaxia (China) Reading Forum called its grand opening in Hangzhou. The seminar, initiated by Xiling Yinshe Auction and organized by China Library Association, witnessed the gathering of over 60 experts from academia, museums and book collection. In the following spring sale, Guoyu (vol. 21, attached with a notebook of interpretation of Guoyu) dedicated to Korean ambassador Piao Xiuqi was sold for 4.6 million yuan, a record high of books inscribed by Huang Pilie.